Birth – 1 year:  Pipis Room

Our Pipis room offers a warm and inviting early learning environment for children from birth to around 12-14 months of age. We understand that for many families this may be the first experience with leaving a child with people outside of your family and we invite families to spend as much time as they like orientating their child in the room and getting to know the Educators.

We provide a range of experiences to encourage your child’s early developmental milestones and offer a flexible routine which allows us to keep as close as possible to your child’s home routine. We recognize that children at this age learn through sensory experiences and alongside our educators, your child will be introduced to the joy of painting, water play, sand and play dough along with many other experiences. As your child grows we have opportunities to climb, jump, crawl and dance in a safe and supervised environment.

We encourage families to continue their regular feeding routine and are happy for you to provide formula or breast milk for your child. Breastfeeding mothers who would like to breastfeed instead of express are more than welcome to come and breastfeed their child throughout the day.

1 – 2 years:  Starfish Room

The starfish room offers an environment set up to accommodate the growing toddler in a safe and stimulating way. Children in this room are aged between 12 months to 2 years and are becoming increasingly independent. Our environment encourages curiosity and exploration and you will often see sensory experiences such as play dough, painting, goop, slime or sand on offer. Children in this room have frequent access to outdoor play area with plenty of opportunities to run and climb, dig and build.

2 – 3 years: Seals Room

The Seals children are aged between 2 to 3 years old. Children in this room have access to experiences throughout the day that encourage their independence and decision making skills. Our dramatic play spaces provide opportunities for imaginative role play and a safe space to explore diversity in children’s families, the centre environment and the community. As the children are getting more independent at this age, this is when we, in collaboration with families, commence toilet training too.

The children in this room are taught responsibility by learning to care for two hermit crabs that live in a tank in their room.

The Seals children share a beautiful, natural outdoor area with two sand pits. This yard also features clear perpex sections in the fence so the children can observe the nearby creek and the passing trains on a daily basis. These are often topics of conversations and a great way for the children to interact with their peers and the educators.

3 – 4 years: Dolphins Room

The Dolphins Room caters for children aged between 3 and 4 years old. As with all of our other rooms, all children’s the learning is based on learning through play, in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Children are supported to becoming confident individuals through opportunities to succeed and learn through play. Families are encouraged to provide input to enhance and extend the program.

Longer group times and moments of learning are extended in this room. Self selection shelves have an increased variety of age appropriate resources that the children can access as well as a yard that they share with the Seals Room.

3.5 – 6 years: Whales/Kindergarten Room

Our Whales Kindergarten room offers a Bachelor trained Kindergarten Teacher who runs a recognised funded four year old kindergarten program. We recognize that the transition to school is a big milestone in your child’s and your family’s life and we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible by providing experiences for your child that encourage important lifelong learning skills and boost your child’s confidence.

Our Kindergarten program includes an Educational play based learning program based on the Early Years Learning Framework. Our program is run over a full day allowing your child to move at their own pace and still get the most out of the experiences offered. The day consists of both free play times and structured aspects of the day to provide children with opportunities to source their own learning, as well as following a routine to give children a sense of security.