Food & Nutrition

We provide a tailored menu of balanced, whole food, healthy options, prepared onsite each day.

Outdoor environment

We have a variety of outdoor spaces in our centre. We have three separate outdoor areas for the children. Pipis/Starfish; Seals/Jellyfish; and Dolphins/Whales.

All of our yards are a natural environment with clear Perspex paneling so they children can observe the nearby creek and also the trains as they pass by. The Pipis/Starfish yard has a sensory stone ball on which the children can use to stand and lean upon and the Seals/Jellyfish yard boasts two sandpits divided by a small bridge. We have a pebble creek in our Whales yard and also a water tank and digging patch.

Children are also given opportunities when they can explore other yards and interact with children from other rooms too throughout the year.


We have a large car park on site available for families.

Operating hours

We are open Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Our hours are 7:00am-6:00pm.